1. Workshop Setup

1.1. Prerequisites

This workshop assumes that you are runnig OSGeo Live 7.9. Anyway these instructions can be adapted to any regular GeoServer installation, as it uses the standard sample data that comes with any recent GeoServer binaries.

The OSGeo Live distribution uses the port 8082 for GeoServer. To start and stop GeoServer you have to go to the menu Geospatial ‣ Web Services ‣ GeoServer.

1.2. Deploying the Workshop Docs

  • Open a Terminal using the menu: Applications ‣ Accesories ‣ Terminal Emulator.

  • Grant you access to the GeoServer webapps folder:

    user@osgeolive:~$ sudo chmod 777 /usr/local/lib/geoserver-2.4.4/webapps
  • Download the ol_workshop.zip file and extract it on the webapps folder.

    Unzip the workshop folder
  • Start GeoServer going to the menu Geospatial ‣ Web Services ‣ GeoServer ‣ Start GeoServer.

    GeoServer control

1.3. Test the Setup

Test GeoServer setup:

  1. Load http://localhost:8082/geoserver/ in a browser. You should see GeoServer’s welcome screen.

  2. Navigate to the layers preview page. You should be able to see the medford layers listed in the table.

  3. Click on the OpenLayers preview link for the tiger-ny group layer. You should see the Manhattan island with streets and some points.

    GeoServer TIGER data
  4. Test Workshop Docs. Load http://localhost:8082/ol_workshop/doc/ in a browser. You should see a the intro page for the workshop docs with links to lead you through the workshop.